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Things to see and do on this page:
Table View

Your entries can be veiwed in a sortable, paged, table. This is useful for comparing values accross entries, reading entry notes, and viewing your Trackables values.

Photo View

By adding photos of yourself to entries you are creating a photo timeline which you can view here. This is a great way to see how the changes in your chart translate to your appearance.


You can talk about your progress one-on-one with other members. To use one-on-one conversations both you and another member must share your charts with eachother, click the 'Chart Sharing' button to do this.

Make Entries

This is an important button for your weight chart, it brings up the form to enter your weight. On this form you can also enter for the Feeling/Food/Excersise indicators and any Trackables you've created.

Visualize Changes

Your chart is a visualization into the changes in your weight, including averages. You can also show your estimated minimum/maximum healthy weight and Milestones.

Visualize Indicators

This stacked bar chart helps you visualize your Feeling/Food/Excersise indicators. Toggle an indiator on or off with the Options menu.

Change Range

Use this slider to adjust the range of dates shown on your chart.

Group Points

View your chart entires by day or grouped by week or month. This can be useful for smoothing out the chart lines when you have many entries. When viewing by week or month you can click on a chart point to view a mini-chart showing that week or month's entries.

Chart Options

Click here to bring up a menu of the different kinds of data you can show on your chart.

Personal Summary

Your personal summary is a report of where you started and how you've changed. If you have an upcoming Milestone, your summary and prognosis is displayed here.

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