Weight chart for girls 2 months of age

97th percentile6.49-over 6.49kgs
95th percentile6.33-6.49kgs
90th percentile6.09-6.33kgs
75th percentile5.68-6.09kgs
50th percentile5.23-5.68kgs
25th percentile4.78-5.23kgs
10th percentile4.39-4.78kgs
5th percentile4.15-4.39kgs
3rd percentile0-4.15kgs

How to read this weight chart for girls:

This chart shows weight percentiles, according to the CDC, for girls 2 months of age. To determine an individual's percentile, find the range that includes their weight. This percentile is not a reflection of optimal weight for an individual, it is only for comparing against a population sample. Use the navigation links above the summary chart to view the weight chart for a different age, or to switch between boys and girls or pounds and kilograms.

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For people over the age of 20, please refer to our adult height-weight charts. Your body mass index (BMI) is a good indicator of a healthy weight, to find out what your BMI is, and what it means try our calculators page.

Age-Weight data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Weight chart for girls  2 months of age
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