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Top 100 Foods lowest in Tryptophan

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Values shown for 100 gram serving size

Shortening frying (heavy duty), soybean (hydrogenated), linoleic (less than 1%)0.000g
Shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), pourable liquid fry shortening0.000g
Shortening, household, soybean (hydrogenated)-cottonseed (hydrogenated)0.000g
USDA Commodity Food, oil, vegetable, low saturated fat0.000g
Vegetable oil, coconut0.000g
Carbonated beverage, cream soda0.000g
Oil, wheat germ0.000g
Oil, vegetable, sunflower, linoleic, (approx. 65%)0.000g
Fat, turkey0.000g
Oil, vegetable, nutmeg butter0.000g
Oil, industrial, coconut, principal uses candy coatings, oil sprays, roasting nuts0.000g
Oil, vegetable, teaseed0.000g
Oil, vegetable, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ), palm, principal uses icings and fillings0.000g
Oil, vegetable, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated), multiuse for non-dairy butter flavor0.000g
Oil, vegetable, industrial, soy, refined, for woks and light frying0.000g
Alcoholic beverage, distilled, rum, 80 proof0.000g
Fat, mutton tallow0.000g
Syrups, table blends, pancake, with butter0.000g
Limeade, frozen concentrate0.000g
Salad dressing, thousand island dressing, reduced fat0.000g
Oil, soybean, salad or cooking, (partially hydrogenated)0.000g
Fat, beef tallow0.000g
Carbonated beverage, tonic water0.000g
Oil, vegetable, industrial, palm kernel, confection fat, uses similar to high quality cocoa butter0.000g
Oil, vegetable, palm0.000g
Puddings, banana, dry mix, regular, with added oil0.000g
Oil, industrial, palm kernel (hydrogenated), filling fat0.000g
Salad dressing, mayonnaise, imitation, soybean0.000g
Alcoholic beverage, beer, regular, all0.000g
Puddings, lemon, dry mix, regular, with added oil, potassium, sodium0.000g
Carbonated beverage, orange0.000g
Salad dressing, thousand island, commercial, regular0.000g
Alcoholic beverage, distilled, all (gin, rum, vodka, whiskey) 86 proof0.000g
Oil, vegetable, grapeseed0.000g
Tea, brewed, prepared with tap water, decaffeinated0.000g
Shortening, household, lard and vegetable oil0.000g
Shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) for baking and confections0.000g
Oil, vegetable, rice bran0.000g
Gelatin desserts, dry mix, with added ascorbic acid, sodium-citrate and salt0.000g
Sweeteners, tabletop, aspartame, EQUAL, packets0.000g
Shortening, confectionery, fractionated palm0.000g
Oil, vegetable, sheanut0.000g
Shortening, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated ) and corn for frying0.000g
Oil, vegetable, industrial, palm and palm kernel, filling fat0.000g
Oil, vegetable, walnut0.000g
Gelatin desserts, dry mix, prepared with water0.000g
Salad dressing, italian dressing, commercial, regular0.000g
Shortening household soybean (hydrogenated) and palm0.000g
Shortening industrial, lard and vegetable oil0.000g
Oil, vegetable, cupu assu0.000g
Alcoholic beverage, creme de menthe, 72 proof0.000g
Gelatin desserts, dry mix, reduced calorie, with aspartame, no added sodium0.000g
Candies, marshmallows0.000g
Shortening frying (regular), soybean (hydrogenated) and cottonseed (hydrogenated)0.000g
Carbonated beverage, club soda0.000g
Oil, vegetable, hazelnut0.000g
Shortening bread, soybean (hydrogenated) and cottonseed0.000g
Oil, vegetable, poppyseed0.000g
Puddings, banana, dry mix, regular0.000g
Oil, vegetable, cocoa butter0.000g
Alcoholic beverage, beer, light0.000g
Shortening frying (heavy duty), beef tallow and cottonseed0.000g
Alcoholic beverage, distilled, vodka, 80 proof0.000g
Gelatin desserts, dry mix, reduced calorie, with aspartame, added phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin C0.000g
USDA Commodity Food, shortening, all purpose, soybean (partially hydrogenated) and cottonseed0.000g
Salad dressing, mayonnaise, imitation, soybean without cholesterol0.000g
Game meat, bison, shoulder clod, separable lean only, trimmed to 0" fat, raw0.000g
Oil, vegetable, ucuhuba butter0.000g
Puddings, lemon, dry mix, regular0.000g
Cranberry juice cocktail, bottled, low calorie, with calcium, saccharin and corn sweetener0.000g
Salad dressing, home recipe, vinegar and oil0.000g
Oil, industrial, soy (partially hydrogenated) and cottonseed, principal use as a tortilla shortening0.000g
Shortening cake mix, soybean (hydrogenated) and cottonseed (hydrogenated)0.000g
Tea, brewed, prepared with distilled water0.000g
Game meat, bison, ribeye, separable lean only, trimmed to 0" fat, raw0.000g
Carbonated beverage, pepper-type, contains caffeine0.000g
Salt, table0.000g
Alcoholic beverage, distilled, all (gin, rum, vodka, whiskey) 94 proof0.000g
Oil, vegetable, babassu0.000g
Water, bottled, PERRIER0.000g
Vegetable oil, palm kernel0.000g
Shortening industrial, soybean (hydrogenated) and cottonseed0.000g
Oil, vegetable, cottonseed, salad or cooking0.000g
Tea, brewed, prepared with tap water0.000g
Oil, olive, salad or cooking0.000g
Oil, vegetable, industrial, soy ( partially hydrogenated), all purpose0.000g
Gelatin desserts, dry mix0.000g
Oil, vegetable, corn, industrial and retail, all purpose salad or cooking0.000g
Oil, sesame, salad or cooking0.000g
Shortening confectionery, coconut (hydrogenated) and or palm kernel (hydrogenated)0.000g
USDA Commodity Food, oil, vegetable, soybean, refined0.000g
Vinegar, cider0.000g
Oil, soybean, salad or cooking0.000g
Game meat, bison, top sirloin, separable lean only, trimmed to 0" fat, raw0.000g
Oil, vegetable, industrial, coconut, confection fat, typical basis for ice cream coatings0.000g
Oil, vegetable, sunflower, linoleic, (hydrogenated)0.000g
Salad dressing, french, home recipe0.000g
Oil, vegetable safflower, salad or cooking, linoleic, (over 70%)0.000g
Fat, duck0.000g
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