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Top 100 Foods highest in Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid

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Values shown for 100 gram serving size

Orange-flavor drink, breakfast type, low calorie, powder2400.0mg
Fruit-flavored drink, powder, with high vitamin C with other added vitamins, low calorie2400.0mg
Peppers, sweet, red, freeze-dried1900.0mg
Peppers, sweet, green, freeze-dried1900.0mg
Acerola, (west indian cherry), raw1677.6mg
Acerola juice, raw1600.0mg
Fruit-flavored drink mix, powder, unsweetened1090.9mg
Chives, freeze-dried660.0mg
Spices, coriander leaf, dried566.7mg
Fruit-flavored drink, dry powdered mix, low calorie, with aspartame560.0mg
Gelatin desserts, dry mix, reduced calorie, with aspartame, added phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin C490.0mg
Formulated Bar, MASTERFOODS USA, SNICKERS Marathon Energy Bar, all flavors489.9mg
Rose Hips, wild (Northern Plains Indians)426.0mg
Lemonade, low calorie, with aspartame, powder394.0mg
Apple cider-flavored drink, powder, added vitamin C and sugar363.0mg
McDONALD'S, Apple Dippers277.0mg
Orange-flavor drink, breakfast type, with pulp, frozen concentrate243.1mg
Peppers, hot chili, green, raw242.5mg
Cereals ready-to-eat, Ralston Enriched Bran flakes239.7mg
Orange-flavor drink, breakfast type, powder230.8mg
Guavas, common, raw228.3mg
McDONALD'S, Apple Dippers with Low Fat Caramel Sauce211.6mg
Cereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, KELLOGG'S Complete Oat Bran Flakes210.0mg
Cereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN COMPLETE Wheat Flakes207.0mg
Cereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, KELLOGG'S PRODUCT 19204.0mg
SILK Hazelnut Creamer200.0mg
Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, TOTAL Corn Flakes200.0mg
Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Whole Grain TOTAL200.0mg
Willow, young leaves, chopped (Alaska Native)190.0mg
Orange drink, breakfast type, with juice and pulp, frozen concentrate189.7mg
Peppers, sweet, yellow, raw183.5mg
Litchis, dried183.0mg
Currants, european black, raw181.0mg
Peppers, sweet, green, sauteed177.0mg
Formulated Bar, MASTERFOODS USA, SNICKERS Marathon Honey Nut Oat Bar176.4mg
Formulated Bar, MASTERFOODS USA, SNICKERS Marathon Double Chocolate Nut Bar176.2mg
Peppers, sweet, red, cooked, boiled, drained, with salt171.0mg
Peppers, sweet, red, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt171.0mg
Peppers, sweet, red, sauteed162.8mg
Thyme, fresh160.1mg
Cloudberries, raw (Alaska Native)158.0mg
Fruit punch drink, frozen concentrate155.6mg
Malted drink mix, chocolate, with added nutrients, powder150.1mg
Parsley, freeze-dried149.0mg
Guava sauce, cooked146.4mg
McDONALD'S, Fruit & Walnut Salad145.3mg
Formulated Bar, MASTERFOODS USA, SNICKERS Marathon Chewy Chocolate Peanut Bar144.4mg
Formulated Bar, MASTERFOODS USA,SNICKERS Marathon Multi Grain Crunch Bar144.3mg
Peppers, hot chili, red, raw143.7mg
Horseradish-tree, pods, raw141.0mg
Beverage, instant breakfast powder, chocolate, sugar-free, not reconstituted138.0mg
Orange juice, frozen concentrate, unsweetened, undiluted137.9mg
Pokeberry shoots, (poke), raw136.0mg
Orange peel, raw136.0mg
Parsley, raw133.0mg
Mustard spinach, (tendergreen), raw130.0mg
Kale, scotch, raw130.0mg
Lemon peel, raw129.0mg
Peppers, sweet, red, raw127.7mg
Malted drink mix, natural, with added nutrients, powder127.0mg
Spices, parsley, dried122.0mg
Fruit punch-flavor drink, powder, without added sodium121.9mg
Snacks, GENERAL MILLS, BETTY CROCKER Fruit Roll Ups, berry flavored, with vitamin C120.0mg
Snacks, fruit leather, rolls120.0mg
Kale, raw120.0mg
Grapefruit juice, white, frozen concentrate, unsweetened, undiluted119.8mg
Leeks, (bulb and lower-leaf portion), freeze-dried118.0mg
Tomato powder116.7mg
Babyfood, fruit, papaya and applesauce with tapioca, strained113.1mg
Snacks, potato chips, made from dried potatoes, fat-free, made with olestra108.8mg
Vinespinach, (basella), raw102.0mg
Tomatoes, sun-dried, packed in oil, drained101.8mg
Tea, instant, sweetened with sugar, lemon-flavored, with added ascorbic acid, powder100.0mg
Fireweed, young leaves, raw (Alaska Native)99.0mg
Horseradish-tree, pods, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt97.0mg
Horseradish-tree, pods, cooked, boiled, drained, with salt97.0mg
Taro, tahitian, raw96.0mg
Citrus fruit juice drink, frozen concentrate95.3mg
Peaches, frozen, sliced, sweetened94.2mg
Broccoli, leaves, raw93.2mg
Broccoli, flower clusters, raw93.2mg
Broccoli, stalks, raw93.2mg
Peppers, hungarian, raw92.9mg
Kiwi fruit, (chinese gooseberries), fresh, raw92.7mg
Formulated bar, POWER BAR, chocolate92.3mg
Cereals ready-to-eat, KASHI HEART TO HEART, Honey Toasted Oat91.0mg
Snacks, FARLEY CANDY, FARLEY Fruit Snacks, with vitamins A, C, and E90.3mg
Broccoli, raw89.2mg
Apple juice, frozen concentrate, unsweetened, undiluted, with added ascorbic acid88.9mg
Cauliflower, green, raw88.1mg
Balsam-pear (bitter gourd), leafy tips, raw88.0mg
Celery flakes, dried86.5mg
Babyfood, juice, orange and apricot85.9mg
Tangerine juice, frozen concentrate, sweetened, undiluted85.1mg
Dill weed, fresh85.0mg
Brussels sprouts, raw85.0mg
Pimento, canned84.9mg
Balsam-pear (bitter gourd), pods, raw84.0mg
Longans, raw84.0mg
Grape juice cocktail, frozen concentrate, undiluted, with added ascorbic acid83.1mg
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