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Top 100 Foods highest in 20:5 n-3

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Values shown for 100 gram serving size

Fish oil, menhaden13.168g
Fish oil, salmon13.023g
Fish oil, sardine10.137g
Oil, bearded seal (Oogruk) (Alaska Native)9.710g
Fish oil, cod liver6.898g
Fish oil, herring6.273g
Oil, spotted seal (Alaska Native)3.930g
Oil, beluga, whale (Alaska Native)2.800g
Fish, caviar, black and red, granular2.741g
Fish, mackerel, salted1.619g
Fish, roe, mixed species, cooked, dry heat1.260g
Fish, herring, Pacific, cooked, dry heat1.242g
Fish, shad, american, raw1.086g
Fish, salmon, chinook, cooked, dry heat1.010g
Fish, salmon, chinook, raw1.008g
Fish, roe, mixed species, raw0.983g
Fish, herring, Atlantic, kippered0.970g
Fish, herring, Pacific, raw0.969g
Smelt, dried (Alaska Native)0.910g
Fish, herring, Atlantic, cooked, dry heat0.909g
Salmon, red (sockeye), filets with skin, smoked (Alaska Native)0.905g
Fish, mackerel, Atlantic, raw0.898g
Fish, sablefish, smoked0.891g
Mollusks, oyster, Pacific, cooked, moist heat0.876g
Fish, sablefish, cooked, dry heat0.867g
Fish, salmon, Atlantic, farmed, raw0.862g
Fish, salmon, pink, canned, solids with bone and liquid0.845g
Fish, salmon, pink, canned, without salt, solids with bone and liquid0.845g
Fish, herring, Atlantic, pickled0.843g
Fish, anchovy, european, canned in oil, drained solids0.763g
Fish, herring, Atlantic, raw0.709g
Fish, salmon, Atlantic, farmed, cooked, dry heat0.690g
Fish, sablefish, raw0.677g
Fish, halibut, greenland, cooked, dry heat0.674g
Fish, mackerel, Pacific and jack, mixed species, cooked, dry heat0.653g
Fish, cisco, smoked0.639g
Fish, salmon, chum, dried (Alaska Native)0.610g
Fish, salmon, red, (sockeye), canned, smoked (Alaska Native)0.600g
Fish, salmon, sockeye, canned, drained solids with bone0.561g
Fish, salmon, coho, wild, cooked, moist heat0.543g
Fish, anchovy, european, raw0.538g
Fish, salmon, pink, cooked, dry heat0.537g
Mollusks, oyster, eastern, wild, cooked, moist heat0.536g
Fish, sardine, Pacific, canned in tomato sauce, drained solids with bone0.532g
Fish, salmon, sockeye, cooked, dry heat0.530g
Fish, halibut, Greenland, raw0.526g
Fish, salmon, sockeye, raw0.519g
Fish, mackerel, Pacific and jack, mixed species, raw0.509g
Fish, mackerel, Atlantic, cooked, dry heat0.504g
Fish, salmon, sockeye, canned, without salt, drained solids with bone0.492g
Fish, salmon, coho (silver), raw (Alaska Native)0.491g
Fish, salmon, chum, drained solids with bone0.473g
Fish, sardine, Atlantic, canned in oil, drained solids with bone0.473g
Fish, salmon, chum, canned, without salt, drained solids with bone0.473g
Fish, trout, rainbow, wild, cooked, dry heat0.468g
Fish, salmon, king, with skin, kippered, (Alaska Native)0.460g
Fish, salmon, king (chinook), raw (Alaska Native)0.440g
Mollusks, oyster, Pacific, raw0.438g
Fish, mackerel, jack, canned, drained solids0.434g
Fish, salmon, coho, wild, raw0.429g
Fish, whitefish, dried (Alaska Native)0.420g
Fish, salmon, pink, raw0.419g
Fish, salmon, Atlantic, wild, cooked, dry heat0.411g
Fish, salmon, coho, farmed, cooked, dry heat0.408g
Fish, whitefish, mixed species, cooked, dry heat0.406g
Fish, salmon, coho, wild, cooked, dry heat0.401g
Fish, wolffish, Atlantic, cooked, dry heat0.393g
Fish, salmon, coho, farmed, raw0.385g
Steelhead trout, boiled, canned (Alaska Native)0.376g
Fish, tuna, fresh, bluefin, cooked, dry heat0.363g
Fish, salmon, pink, canned, drained solids with bone0.359g
Fish, smelt, rainbow, cooked, dry heat0.353g
Crustaceans, spiny lobster, mixed species, cooked, moist heat0.341g
Fish, trout, rainbow, farmed, cooked, dry heat0.334g
Crustaceans, crab, queen, cooked, moist heat0.332g
Fish, salmon, sockeye (red), raw (Alaska Native)0.330g
Fish, salmon, red, canned, bones removed (Alaska Native)0.330g
Fish, mackerel, spanish, raw0.329g
Fish, bluefish, cooked, dry heat0.323g
Fish, salmon, Atlantic, wild, raw0.321g
Fish, whitefish, mixed species, raw0.317g
Fish, shark, mixed species, raw0.316g
Fish, wolffish, Atlantic, raw0.307g
Fish, bass, freshwater, mixed species, cooked, dry heat0.305g
Fish, carp, cooked, dry heat0.305g
Fish, salmon, chum, cooked, dry heat0.299g
Crustaceans, crab, alaska king, cooked, moist heat0.295g
Fish, drum, freshwater, cooked, dry heat0.295g
Fish, mackerel, spanish, cooked, dry heat0.294g
Crustaceans, shrimp, mixed species, canned0.293g
Fish, tuna, fresh, bluefin, raw0.283g
Fish, whiting, mixed species, cooked, dry heat0.283g
Fish, spot, cooked, dry heat0.282g
Crustaceans, crab, dungeness, cooked, moist heat0.281g
Seal, bearded (Oogruk), meat, dried, in oil (Alaska Native)0.280g
Egg, whole, dried0.278g
Mollusks, mussel, blue, cooked, moist heat0.276g
Fish, smelt, rainbow, raw0.275g
Mollusks, oyster, eastern, wild, raw0.268g
Steelhead trout, dried, flesh (Shoshone Bannock)0.266g
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