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Values shown for 100 gram serving size

Caribou, hind quarter meat, raw (Alaska Native)0.000g
Babyfood, meat, beef, strained0.000g
USDA Commodity, luncheon meat, canned0.000g
USDA Commodity, chicken fajita strips, frozen0.000g
Fast foods, potatoes, hashed brown0.000g
USDA Commodity, turkey taco meat, frozen, cooked0.000g
Pie, Dutch Apple, Commercially Prepared0.000g
Formulated Bar, MASTERFOODS USA, SNICKERS Marathon Energy Bar, all flavors0.000g
Corn beverage0.000g
Babyfood, dinner, vegetables and beef, strained0.000g
Babyfood, vegetables, squash, junior0.000g
Salad dressing, caesar dressing, regular0.000g
Snacks, soy chips or crisps, salted0.000g
Whale, beluga, meat, dried (Alaska Native)0.000g
Babyfood, dinner, vegetables and beef, junior0.000g
Cereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, KELLOGG'S CRISPIX0.000g
Cereals ready-to-eat, KELLOGG, SMORZ0.000g
Cornmeal, degermed, unenriched, yellow0.000g
Pie, pecan, commercially prepared0.000g
Fish, sheefish, raw (Alaska Native)0.000g
Soy flour, low-fat0.000g
Mushrooms, white, stir-fried0.000g
Rice bowl with chicken, frozen entree, prepared (includes fried, teriyaki, and sweet and sour varieties)0.000g
Mushrooms, enoki, raw0.000g
Fish, Salmon, Chum, raw (Alaska Native)0.000g
Cereals ready-to-eat, USDA Commodity Rice Crisps (includes all commodity brands)0.000g
Mushrooms, shiitake, stir-fried0.000g
Mushrooms, Maitake, Raw0.000g
Babyfood, dinner, broccoli and chicken, junior0.000g
Cereals ready-to-eat, USDA Commodity Corn and Rice (includes all commodity brands)0.000g
Whale, beluga, meat, raw (Alaska Native)0.000g
Tennis Bread, plain (Apache)0.000g
Pie, pumpkin, commercially prepared0.000g
Babyfood, meat, turkey, strained0.000g
Cornmeal, degermed, enriched, white0.000g
Babyfood, meat, beef, junior0.000g
Cereals ready-to-eat, Ralston TASTEEOS0.000g
Babyfood, fruit, peaches, strained0.000g
BURGER KING, Hash Brown Rounds0.000g
Cereals ready-to-eat, Ralston Corn Biscuits0.000g
Caribou, shoulder meat, dried (Alaska Native)0.000g
Babyfood, cereal, oatmeal, dry0.000g
Cornmeal, degermed, unenriched, white0.000g
USDA Commodity, beef, canned0.000g
Chicken pot pie, frozen entree, prepared0.000g
Mushrooms, portabella, grilled0.000g
Cereals ready-to-eat, Ralston Corn Flakes0.000g
Babyfood, fruit, peaches, junior0.000g
Beef Pot Pie, frozen entree, prepared0.000g
Soy flour, defatted, crude protein basis (N x 6.25)0.000g
Cornmeal, degermed, enriched, yellow0.000g
Babyfood, meat, lamb, strained0.000g
Mushroom, oyster, raw0.000g
Mushrooms, white, microwaved0.000g
Cereals ready-to-eat, Ralston Enriched Bran flakes0.000g
Quinoa, uncooked0.000g
Babyfood, vegetables, green beans, strained0.000g
Cheese, cottage, nonfat, uncreamed, dry, large or small curd0.000g
Lasagna, Vegetable, frozen, baked0.000g
Babyfood, vegetables, peas, strained0.000g
Bread, Multi-Grain, toasted (includes whole-grain)0.000g
Cheese, cottage, lowfat, 2% milkfat0.000g
Mushrooms, white, raw0.000g
Candies, milk chocolate, with rice cereal0.000g
Babyfood, meat, turkey, junior0.000g
Acorn stew (Apache)0.000g
Cereals ready-to-eat, QUAKER, SWEET CRUNCH/QUISP0.000g
Seeds, sunflower seed kernels, dried0.000g
Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes w/gravy, assorted vegetables, frozen, microwaved0.000g
Fish, halibut, raw, with skin (Alaska Native)0.000g
Fish, salmon, red, (sockeye), kippered (Alaska Native)0.000g
USDA Commodity, pork, canned0.000g
Cereals ready-to-eat, Ralston Crispy Hexagons0.000g
Cereals ready-to-eat, Ralston Crispy Rice0.000g
Babyfood, meat, veal, strained0.000g
Cereals ready-to-eat, GENERAL MILLS, Frosted CHEX0.000g
Bread, Multi-Grain (includes whole-grain)0.000g
Caribou, rump meat, half dried (Alaska Native)0.000g
Babyfood, vegetables, squash, strained0.000g
Fish, whitefish, eggs (Alaska Native)0.005g
Fish, salmon, sockeye (red), raw (Alaska Native)0.010g
Fish, whitefish, dried (Alaska Native)0.010g
Smelt, dried (Alaska Native)0.010g
Seal, bearded (Oogruk), meat, dried, in oil (Alaska Native)0.020g
Fish, salmon, red, canned, bones removed (Alaska Native)0.020g
Fish, salmon, king (chinook), raw (Alaska Native)0.020g
Fish, salmon, chum, dried (Alaska Native)0.020g
Fish, salmon, red, (sockeye), canned, smoked (Alaska Native)0.020g
Fish, salmon, king, with skin, kippered, (Alaska Native)0.020g
Fish, salmon, coho (silver), raw (Alaska Native)0.022g
Salmon, red (sockeye), filets with skin, smoked (Alaska Native)0.025g
Oil, beluga, whale (Alaska Native)0.120g
Oil, spotted seal (Alaska Native)0.280g
Oil, bearded seal (Oogruk) (Alaska Native)0.350g
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